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The digital switchover is upon us and the time has come to ensure that you have the correct aerial in place to prepare for the new revolution. TV aerials Oxford and radio aerials come in many different shapes and sizes and there are a variety of different aerials and boosters to choose from. The key to success is ensuring that you get the correct aerial to suit your individual viewing requirements.

Aerials For Freeview

To receive Freeview all you need to do is pick up an inexpensive Freeview Receiver plug it into your compatible aerial and you are ready to go. It really is that simple to do!! Our TV aerials Oxford experts are here to advise you on the perfect aerial for your home and or workplace.

For many households the aerial you already have will work perfectly well and there will be no need for any additional expense but for some an upgrade to a high gain aerial will be required. The digital channels available through Freeview require a clean signal so an old aerial can often struggle. If you have any doubts or require additional advice give us a call and speak to Mayday Aerials for some free advice.

TV Aerial Repairs

Listening to the radio is as popular as ever in the UK and Mayday Aerials can make sure that you have the best reception possible from either your FM or DAB radio. TV aerials Oxford are a specialist aerial company based in Witney who specialise in a wide range of audio visual services. If you need TV aerial repairs we are the aerial experts for you.

DAB Radio Aerials

For optimum reception from your DAB radio Mayday Aerials recommend the installation of an external aerial, ideally positioned on your roof space. Digital radio has been equally exciting an innovation as digital TV but many people still do not know it exists or understand how it works. With over 50 radio channels available in digital clarity we recommend you contact us today to understand just how exiting a listening opportunity this could be.

FM Radio Aerials

FM radio is still incredibly popular and with good reception nothing can beat the sound quality it provides. Mayday Aerials can provide an FM aerial solution for your household to ensure you receive the best possible listening pleasure.

Whatever your requirement is our team are here to help.

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